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The Knight Sword Up2 in use.

The Knight Sword Up2 is a Melee weapon and the third and final form of the Knight Sword.


It is a standard sword, with everything light blue except for the handle, which is chocolate brown.


It has a good lethality, a decent attack speed and a good mobility.


  • It is a melee weapon, so approach your enemy and attack to deal damage.
  • It is a good, cheap weapon which deals fair damage.
  • It is particularly useful for beginners, as it is cheap and can be earned after completing the Pixelated World and leveling up a level or two..


  • Like all melee weapons, you just need to stay out of its range and use high-powered weapons to combat it.




Knight themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip at least a weapon or two that isn't extremely limited in range.


  • It shares the same sprite as the Diamond Sword from Minecraft
    • Because of this, it was changed to the Crystal Sword, like other weapons that had "Diamond" in their names due to issues with Mojang (the creators of Minecraft).
  • The Crystal Sword was renamed "Knight Sword Up2" and made to appear longer in a recent update.
  • It is shown on the throne in the map Knife Party.
  • In the 11.2.0 update, the weapon got a redesign.