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The Laser Assistant is a Primary weapon introduced in the 13.1.0 update.


It has a small box with an electric sign on it as the ammo case, and it is attached to the handle. It has a small fore grip and has possibly copper wires making a square attached to the middle of the gun. It is mostly dark green. In the latest updates, it features a 8x scope.


It has high damage, high capacity, high fire rate and has a low weight/high mobility. This weapon could be used as a spray and pray due to it having one of the highest efficiencies in the game. It's burning effect and critical damage will also prove to be quite helpful in doing extra damage.


  • Due to the high capacity and damage, you can kill multiple enemies before reloading.
  • Aim at an enemy's head and shoot. This maximizes damage so they drop much faster.
  • With extremely good accuracy, it can be used at all ranges especially now having 8x zoom, however melee ranges can be a little difficult.
  • It has a large ammo capacity making the below not as a big deal. It also means you can stay in combat for longer before backing off to reload.
  • With critical damage, it is unpredictable indirectly harming its ammo capacity which ironically limits ammo efficiency. However, this eliminates the ability to switch targets and allow fire damage to get the kill.


  • Any well-placed hits from one-shot weapons will do the trick.
  • If this is really giving you trouble, avoid the line of sight and try to flank them, it buys you time to kill them.
  • No automatic weapon stands a chance at winning a direct firefight with this, especially since critical damage and burning skyrockets its time to kill, range and mobility will take care of most players.
  • In a firefight the only weapon that can rival such power is Black Mamba,sure it does less damage,but slowing them down,will make them miss while your zig-zag them,and maybe the critical damage equals to headshot damage,no matter,just keep strafing,and or bring a teammate to back you up.


Christmas themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

A weapon to cover long ranges, melee range isn't too big of a problem with how easy it is to create distance. Then anything else of your choosing.


  • This weapon is based on the M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun.
  • It is the only automatic weapon with a Burning attribute.
  • It is the only Primary weapon to feature an 8X scope.

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