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The Laser Assistant is a Primary weapon introduced in the 13.1.0 update.


It has a small box with an electric sign on it as the ammo case, and it is attached to the handle. It has a candy-cane foregrip and has what appear to be copper wires making a square attached to the middle of the gun. It is mostly dark green. In the latest updates, it features an 8x scope.


It has medium damage, high capacity, mediocre-fast fire rate for a primary, and has a low weight (high mobility). It is now 9 headshots kill.


  • Due to the high capacity and damage, you can kill many enemies before reloading. You can stay in combat for longer before backing off to reload.
  • Aim at an enemy's head and shoot. This maximizes damage so they die much faster.
  • With extremely good accuracy, it can be used at all ranges especially now having 8x zoom, however, melee ranges can be a little difficult.
  • The burning effect of this weapon clogs up people's screens, and they may tend to panic and lose their control, so use this to your advantage
  • This weapon will quickly down unarmored opponents in direct combat. If possible, pack a secondary weapon to take out such users and save ammunition for tougher opponents.
  • When escaping with this weapon, take into account is relatively slow mobility, however, the gun's spray is capable of killing any players who try get in your way.
  • This weapon is general purpose so you can use it in any situation, it has decent capabilities at medium-long ranges too. As well as using it as a makeshift automatic sniper rifle.
  • This gun, when used in Team Battle is excellent at pinning players down due to the sheer size of its magazine.
  • Covering players with the flag in Flag Capture is one of the best ways to use this weapon.
  • With sufficient training one can estimate where a sprayed bullet might go and direct the weapon as to it, this greatly minimizes the chances of wasted ammo and increases viability in long range matches.
  • When cornered this weapon is excellent at killing a few players before being killed yourself.
  • This goes extremely well with backup weapons with a scope and high damage to create combo kill shot.(reduce enemy armor with the sheer gun speed and finish them off with a scoped in headshot, the bullet firing speed can easily panic inexperienced players and shred players at lower levels, upon reaching high levels however, it is recommended to either upgrade this weapon or go for the Heavy Shotgun, where three headshots is sufficient to kill even ruby armor players)
  • Play close range maps. For example; Pool Party. This weapon will be very useful.
  • Due to this weapon having a low mobility, bring a high mobility weapon. Also, because it cannot hit as well in long ranges, bring a good sniper weapon.
  • This is a good weapon for modes such as Co-op Survival and Arena. In these modes, aim at the body of enemies and fire away. Because each hit gives 5 points, you will rapidly gain tons of points from enemies like Double Headed Zombie because of their high HP.
  • This weapon is an excellent choice for fighting very mobile players.


  • Any well-placed hits from one-shot weapons will do the trick.
  • If this is really giving you trouble, avoid the line of sight and try to flank them, as it buys you time to kill them.
  • Not many automatic weapons stand a chance at winning a direct firefight with this, especially since critical damage and burning skyrockets its time to kill, range and mobility will take care of most players.
  • The only weapon can that beat the Laser Assistant in a direct dogfight is the Excalibur. In an indirect situation however, Black Mamba can slow down the user and may have a chance to make them miss their aim while you strafe around in a zig-zag manner around them.
    • With competent experience, superior fire rate weapons such as the Champion Peacemaker can take these users out easily. However, take note that these players are dangerous regardless; never underestimate them or it will be the end of you.
  • If all counter strategies failed, give him/her taste his/her own medicine.


Christmas themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

A weapon to cover long ranges, melee range isn't too big of a problem with how easy it is to create distance. Then anything else of your choosing.


  • The weapon's design is based on the M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun and (vaguely) the Singaporean-made Ultimax 100 LMG.
  • It is one of two automatic weapons with a Burning attribute, the other being the Photon Shotgun.
  • It is the only Primary weapon to feature an 8X scope.
  • In the updates, its fire rate got nerfed from 98 to 97 and its ammo from 80 to 70. However, its efficiency got buffed to 37.
  • It greatly resembles the Laser_RCW from Fallout: New Vegas. Both are laser submachine guns based on the Thompson that have large magazine capacities but middling accuracy.
  • In the 14.0.2 update, it damage got buffed a significantly, making it a 3 headshot kill instead of 4 to max-armored players.
    • In the 15.1.0 Update, it now nerfed to 9 headshots kill for balancing reason. Taking 1.8 seconds to do so.
      • In Android, it have capacity of 80.
      • iOS counterpart still have 70 shots.
  • With the introduction of the Tactical Rifle in the 14.0.2 update, this is no longer the most powerful Primary weapon in the game temporarily.
    • However, the Tactical Rifle got nerfed and the Laser Assistant regained its status.
  • It takes 14 seconds to depletes its capacity on iOS, while Laser Minigun and Champion Peacemaker takes 15 seconds.
    • It's possible that Android counterpart takes 16 seconds.
  • In iOS and Android, they both indicates firerate of 96 but still firing 300 rpm.