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The Laser Bow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 10.4.0 update.


The Laser Bow Up is a modern and futuristic weapon, manly colored in white and cyan. It shoots a cyan laser and has a 4x scope.


It's better to use the Laser Bow for close-ranged combat, because it's difficult to shoot distant players without scoping.


  • It deals decent damage and it can kill unarmored players with only one shot. Try to aim for the head while fighting with more prepared users.
  • The laser bounces on the walls multiple times. Try to achieve some trick-shots.


  • The efficiency of the Laser Bow lacks during long range combat. If the structure of the map allows you to do so, exit from small buildings and and combat outside.

Former Upgrades


Alien themed.


  • The design of the Laser Bow resembles Alien weapons such as the Alien Cannon.
  • The weapon could be a reference to Hanzo's Storm Bow, a weapon in the popular multiplayer FPS Overwatch, where it fires scatter arrows that rebound off walls.
  • Its function is similar to the one of the Laser Bouncer; they both shoot lasers that bounce on the walls.

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