The Laser Disc Thrower Up1 is a Special weapon introduced in the 10.0.0 update. It is the second form of the Laser Disc Thrower.


It is purple all over with a disc that is uncharged. It is also similar to the Razor Thrower, as their bullets fire discs.


It has average damage, high rate of fire, low capacity and decent mobility.


  • The Laser Disc Thrower fires fast discs that are made of fiery lasers and is perfect for a moderate range weapon. Try to spray the discs on the target in a circle so that when they try to dodge, they might get hit by the discs.
  • Try to aim for their head. Most of the time, if you aim for their legs, they will jump over it. So it is easier to aim for the head.


  • If you have high jump boots, you can easily jump over them with ease to dodge them. If they are real close to you, try to use a melee weapon with good mobility to run behind them so they can miss.


None (Final upgrade)



Supported Maps


Weapon setups


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