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The Laser Minigun is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 9.0.0 update.


The Laser Minigun has 4 black and silver conductor rods. It also has a spherical silver base, with magenta energy covered by glass on the sides, and the firing mechanism, which is black. Basically, it's all black, grey, purple, and grey combined.


This weapon possesses high damage with a decently high rate of fire and capacity but has average mobility or a heavy weight. These lasers can go through walls just like the Prototype. The accuracy of the weapon is not very proficient.

Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-29-29

The Laser Minigun in use.


  • Due to its projectiles being capable of passing through walls, it can be used to kill multiple players, regardless of a good hiding area.
  • This gun is capable of supporting players on Flag Capture matches, as well as killing those who use the tunnel to transport the flag in Two Castles.
  • Always approach the enemies at close or medium range, as this weapon will get inaccurate in long ranges.
  • Try not to hold down the fire button for too long, as the crosshairs will get bigger and decreasingly lower the accuracy. Use burst shots or aim at small rooms.
  • Do not try to kill snipers with this weapon since the lasers spread over time. Unless you are a skilled person and have understood the spread of its bullets, don't try to use this in long ranges.
  • This weapon deals good damage at medium or close range or in maps like coliseum and silent school.This is useful for targeting players who try to get out of the map by a glitch, due to its ability to fire through solid objects.
  • Stand still, if you want to fire this weapon accurately, but don't do so for a long time since you will be the major target.
  • This gun is proficient in Arena and Co-op Survival as it's high-damage projectiles possess wall-break and its ammo capacity is good.
  • Try to switch weapons when engaging opponents, as this weapon has low mobility. Use other weapons to finish off players that attempt an escape with a higher mobility weapon. When they get too far away from you, do not engage as this is very inaccurate in long ranges.


  • Approaching this weapon with a very irregular path will help avoid getting hit.
  • Approach from behind the user if you can and pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Use its low accuracy to your advantage. Snipers can easily defeat them.
  • Using high mobility weapons or using gadgets that may increase your mobility may allow you to escape or easily dodge their bullets. Continuously dealing damage to these users while moving may kill help you defeat him/her or force them to switch to a different weapon.
  • A skilled player could still hit you from long ranges, so if these users have chosen you as their target don't stop moving or kill them before they kill you.
  • Wait until they reload, and then strike.
  • Shotguns can be used against these users in close range, when its bullets are inaccurate.
  • Despite this seeming foolish, you could challenge these players with Combat Yo-Yo. The high mobility enable you to jump around and deal heavy damage, while minimizing the damage taken.
  • Try to avoid camping in corners, especially behind objects, as they are hard to escape from, and also the users can spam randomly, and still hit you, without even knowing where you are.


Futuristic themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a weapon with a higher mobility for moving, due to the weapon's low mobility.


  • Its laser beams are the same color as the Prototype and its upgrades.
  • The concept of this may have been inspired by the Fallout series' Gatling laser, as both are energy miniguns that shoot out lasers.
  • The most common reason, many players have this is most probably due to it being affordable on sale at 210 Gem which a level 23 player should have upon reaching that level (taking into account that said player has not used any gems). However it is notable the weapon is now rarely used due to the new weapons added over time.
  • In the 9.1.0 update, it's efficiency got buffed from 19 to 25.
  • The Laser Minigun looks like the Automatic Peacemaker and the Prototype combined.
  • Before the 9.4.1 update, the Armory icon of the Laser Minigun was slightly long, thus one of it's barrels slightly cover up the letter 'G'.
  • This, the Mech Heavy Rifle, the Shotgun Pistol and the Vacuumizer are unlocked at level 22.
    • These 3 weapons have been introduced in the 10.1.0 update. So between the 9.0.0 update and the 10.0.7 update, the Laser Minigun was the only weapon unlocked at level 22.
  • If a player moves in a linear direction or stands still, the purple laser will be completely straight.
  • There was a joke that describes the Automatic Peacemaker and the Prototype having a child, and that was the Laser Minigun.
  • This is the only automatic weapon that can pass through walls.
  • This weapon is probably the best weapon for Block Crash.