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The Laser Spear is a Special weapon introduced in the 11.4.0 update. It is the first form of the Laser Spear.


It is a spear with a large blade and a relatively short yet thick shaft. The blade is a light neon blue and the handle is grey/black. Overall, it has a futuristic or sci-fi aesthetic to it. When "shooting", it launches a thin laser which spirals vertically.


It has decent damage, a slow fire rate, low capacity and okay mobility.


  • Shoot when you found multiple enemies in one row.
  • Use this in lower levels, due to the decent damage.
  • Use this in close to medium range.
  • Keep in mind that this weapon has a big delay before firing, so keep your attacks timed.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Strafe and dodge the lasers.

Former Upgrades


Futuristic Themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip a long range weapon in order to fend off against long ranged enemies.


  • This is the only weapon introduced in the 11.4.0 update that does not have a Valentine's day theme or a Kung-Fu theme.
  • From the looks of it, it would be appear to be a melee weapon, but since it shoots out projectiles, it is considered a Special weapon instead.
  • The firing animation is somewhat similar to Reinhardt's "Fire Strike" ability from Overwatch.


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