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The Last Samurai is a Melee weapon introduced in the Super Futuristic Update.


It is a reskin of the Katana. It has a blue blade and a gold hilt. Whenever the weapon is in hand, a particle effect swirls around the blade.




  • Get up close and personal to the enemy player and then attack as you would with any other normal melee weapon.
  • Try to take cover or switch weapons when engaging a sniper or fighting users with ranged weapons.
  • It has a high mobility so it could be used for dodging projectiles.
  • This weapon is very effective when using the 3 category spam method and is used by many players to move around swiftly when not firing.


  • This weapon is very deadly, so attack from medium or long range using high damaging weapons like Veteran or Warmaster.
  • You could try sneaking up on the users or strafing and running around them to make them confused.
  • Be very careful when using weapons such as Rocket Launcher or Ghost Lantern to kill Last Samurai users. They could easily have a gear piece such as the Berserk Boots active to dodge the projectile, and with the slow reload of such weapons, you are leaving yourself vulnerable.


Ninja themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Grab a weapon that performs well at medium range, such as the Casanova or Veteran. Also being a decent, high damaging Sniper such as One Shot, Paintball Rifle, or Royal Sniper Rifle.


  • Despite its mobility, it is possible that it actually has pretty much the same mobility as the Dark Force Saber when fully upgraded.
  • The Robot Samurai wields a reskinned and supersized version of this particular sword as its main weapon.