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The Leagues System was introduced in the 10.4.5 update. It consists in collecting trophies and receiving special prizes as rewards.


The player can progress and obtain better Leagues by collecting trophies. At the end of every multiplayer match the number of trophies that the user has changes: it usually increases after a Dead Heat, a high score or a Victory, but it decreases when the player's team or the player itself loses.

Every League is equally divided into 3 sections: League I, II and III. For example, if you collect 200 Trophies you achieve the Wooden League II, if you get 400 trophies you obtain the Wooden League I.

Farming Trophies

There are 3 ways for getting leagues quick.

  1. Co-op Survival - What you have to do is make a server on that mode and find any map to farm leagues. After that, the method is just like Coin Farming with this mode but when you are done you get 3Coin and 22 Trophy.
  2. Deadly Games - You don't have to win to get leagues though. You must be 3rd place or higher to get a decent amount of leagues. If you win, you can get 25 Trophy.
  3. Team Battle/Death Match/Flag Capture/Point Capture - If you or your team turns out winning, make sure to be in 3rd place or higher to get a decent amount of leagues. If you're in 1st place, you can get 25 Trophy.


This gallery indicates all of the leagues in your profile. It shows:

  • The League icons and their names.
  • It will show how many trophies are required for the top league. It will say "Unlocked League" if you reached a league. If you have reached the Adamant League, it will say "You've reached a top league".
  • It will show all of the special league items exclusively obtained from reaching a certain league.


In the 11.2.2 update, the Tournament system was introduced. Once you have achieved 3000 Trophy, you are allowed to compete in tournaments. For more information, see Tournament.


The player receives exclusive hats, skins and gun skins as rewards when he/she accesses a third level (III) league. These special accessories give the user who wears them various bonuses and benefits, such as a damage increase or higher mobility. Here's a table of the leagues, trophies required and rewards.

Note: X League Champions are skins, and each cost 20Coin. Gun skins provide their own information in the articles of the original weapons and the hats have their own individual information. Also, if you want to see more information about these skins, see Skin.

League Trophies Required Rewards
Wooden League 0 Trophy Bandit Bandage, Wooden League Champion

Golden Steam Revolver, Golden Automatic Peacemaker.

Steel League 600 Trophy Cowboy Hat, Steel League Champion,

Golden Acid Cannon, Golden Prototype.

Golden League 1200 Trophy Afro, Golden League Champion,

Golden Anti-Hero Rifle, Golden Toy Bomber, Duel.

Crystal League 1800 Trophy Mushroom Hat, Crystal League Champion,

Golden Dragon Breath, Golden Loud Piggy.

Ruby League 2400 Trophy Evil Brain, Ruby League Champion,

Golden Ghost Lantern, Golden Shotgun Pistol.

Adamant League 3000 Trophy Burning Tiara, Adamant League Champion,

Golden Secret Forces Rifle, Golden Storm Hammer, Tournament.


  • League hats were introduced in the 10.4.5 update. The gun skins and the league skins are introduced in the 11.0.0 update, so the league hats were introduced before the other league items.
  • Ever since the introduction of the gun skins, when equipping the Golden Dragon Breath skin, the Dragon Breath cosmetically stayed the same, temporarily considering buying the golden skin being a waste of 110Coin. However, this issue has been fixed in the 11.1.0 update.
  • If you have reached a certain league, then lost points till you have the amount of the previous league, then you will still remain into the reached league, even if you have lost tons of league points.
  • When you reach a certain league, you will usually earn 2 golden gun skins, 1 league-exclusive hat, and 1 league-exclusive skin. Currently, since there are 6 leagues in total, there are 12 golden gun skins, 6 league-exclusive hats and 6 league-exclusive skins.
  • All of the league-exclusive skins cost 20Coin while most of the other skins cost 15Coin.
  • Every time you reach a new league, you receive a free Champion Egg.
  • In the 11.3.0 update, the league icons changed from the Roman number I into weapons.
    • In the 12.0.1 update, the Ruby league icon slightly modified by appearance.

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