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Both PG
This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
Both PG
This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D content. If you are looking for the same content in Pixel Gun World, see Level (PGW).

A player that reached level 2.

Levels indicate the experience of a player. They were introduced in Pixel Gun 3D since the 8.2.1 update as the replacement for the former Rank system.


A player that reached level 27.

Experience is needed to level up your character. You can obtain it playing every mode in the game, including Campaign, Multiplayer, and Survival. Unfortunately, Sandbox is a mode for chatting casually, and since you don't need efforts playing Sandbox, there is no particular way on obtaining rewards. Leveling up in Pixel Gun 3D rewards you with a certain amount of coins and gems, depending on the level. Many weapons and upgrades in the Armory cannot be unlocked until you reach a certain level. 

Levels also affect the matchmaking of players. Players will always be grouped into matches with players of similar level, and friends of players that are not in said player's level group will not be able to join that player's game. However, the use of password locked Custom lobbies ignores this restriction.


Level Level-up reward Health Increase EXP to next level Weapons Unlocked Gadgets Unlocked
1 Wooden Armor series N/A Exp icon15 Sniper Rifle, Simple Flamethrower, Signal Pistol, Combat Rifle, AK-48, Swat Rifle, Balloon Cannon, Sub-zero, Impulse Minigun, Bee Swarm Spell, Dual Uzi, Alien Rifle, Hellraiser, Automatic Peacemaker, X-Mas Destroyer, Pencil Thrower, Assault Machine Gun, Fast Death, Desert Eagle, Hitman Pistol, Mr. Deejay, Zombie Slayer, Steam Revolver, Dual Machine Guns, Exterminator, Miner Weapon, Warrior Axe, Knight Sword, Carrot Sword, Bouquet, Hockey Stick, Dual Machete, Santa Sword, Fire Demon, Snow Storm, Shuriken Thrower, Dracula, Snowball, Pet Dragon, Barrier Rifle, High Voltage, Solar Ray Rifle, Hunger Bow, Crossbow, Guerrilla Rifle, Cupid's Bow, Tactical Bow, Prototype, Mr. Squido, Impulse Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Anti-Gravity Blaster, Fireworks Launcher, Fireball Spell, Toy Bomber, Armageddon, Stinger, Casanova, Rocket Jumper, Assault Shotgun, Electric Arc, Meat Grinder, Big Fatality Gun. Frag Grenade, Firework, Molotov Cocktail

Firecrackers, Jetpack, Turret, Leader's Drum, Medkit, Energy Shield

2 5Coin, 3 Gem 1Heart new Exp icon35 Simple Flamethrower, Sniper Rifle
3 10Coin, 4Gem N/A Exp icon50
4 15Coin, 5Gem 1Heart new Exp icon90
5 20Coin, 5Gem N/A Exp icon100
6 25Coin, 6Gem 1Heart new {{EXP}110
7 25Coin, 6Gem, Iron Armor series 1Heart new Exp icon115 Solar Power Cannon, Chainsaw, Rocket Crossbow, "Predator", Icicle Minigun, Crystal Laser Cannon, Freeze Ray Rifle, Brutal Headhunter, Alien Cannon, Ka-Boom!, Pumpkin Thrower Dark Force Saber, Fire Orb, Anti-Hero Rifle, Laser Crossbow, Napalm Cannon, Sword Of Shadows, Dracula, Frank Sheepone, Dual Laser Blasters, Bad Doctor, Toxic Bane, Elf's Revenge, Heavy Gifter, Mercenary, Photon Sniper Rifle, Double Dragon, Nunchuks, Laser Spear, Impulse Minigun, Plasma Spreader, Grenadier. Black Mark, Smile Mine, Sticky Candy, Blizzard Generator, Christmas Tree Turret, Stealth Bracelet, Demon Stone, Fire Mushroom, Pet Booster.
8 25Coin, 7Gem N/A Exp icon120
9 30Coin, 7Gem 1Heart new Exp icon125
10 30Coin, 8Gem N/A Exp icon130
11 30Coin, 8Gem 1Heart new 135 Exp icon
12 35Coin, 9Gem, Golden Armor series 1Heart new 140 Exp icon Hydra, Bass Cannon, Laser Disc Thrower, Marksman, Photon Shotgun, Rapid Fire Rifle, Laser Bouncer, Trapper, Gas Launcher, Bell Revolver, Thunder Spell, Demoman, Chainsaw Sword, Lava Flail, Charge Rifle, Semi Auto Sniper Rifle, Loud Piggy, Ghost Lantern, Dragon Breath, Laser Bow, Plasma Releaser, Love Spell, Romeo & Juliet, Railgun. Fake Bonus, Ninja Shurikens, Box Of Pandora, Voodoo Snowman, Medical Station.
13 35Coin, 9Gem N/A 150 Exp icon
14 40Coin, 10Gem 1Heart new 160 Exp icon
15 40Coin, 10Gem N/A 170 Exp icon
16 40Coin, 11Gem 1Heart new 180 Exp icon
17 45Coin, 11Gem, Crystal Armor series 1Heart new 200 Exp icon Electro Blast Rifle, Future Rifle, Dark Matter Generator, Dead Star, Photon Pistol, Charge Cannon, Katana, Smart Bullet Bazooka. Dragon Whistle, Clockwork Nutcracker, Battle Mech.
18 45Coin, 12Gem N/A 220 Exp icon
19 50Coin, 12Gem 1Heart new 250 Exp icon
20 50Coin, 13Gem N/A 290 Exp icon
21 50Coin, 13Gem 1Heart new 340 Exp icon
22 55Coin, 14Gem, Ruby Armor series 1Heart new 400 Exp icon Vacuumizer, Laser Minigun, Mech Heavy Rifle, Shotgun Pistol. Singular Grenade, Time Machine, Reflector.
23 55Coin, 14Gem N/A 470 Exp icon
24 60Coin, 15Gem 1Heart new 500 Exp icon
25 60Coin, 15Gem 1Heart new 625 Exp icon
26 65Coin, 16Gem N/A 740 Exp icon
27 65Coin, 16Gem, Adamant Armor series 1Heart new 850 Exp icon Secret Forces Rifle, Dual Hawks, Storm Hammer, "Sunrise", "Bastion". Nuclear Grenade, Disabler, Resurrection.
28 70Coin, 17Gem N/A 950 Exp icon
29 70Coin, 17Gem 1Heart new 1000 Exp icon
30 70Coin, 18Gem 1Heart new 1240 Exp icon
31 70 Coin, 18 Gem N/A 1350 Exp icon
32 75Coin, 19Gem N/A 1550 Exp icon
33 75Coin, 19Gem N/A 1750 Exp icon
34 80Coin, 20Gem N/A 1950 Exp icon
35 80Coin, 20Gem N/A 2150 Exp icon
36 80Coin, 21Gem N/A N/A max N/A max lvl N/A max lvl

Level Groups (Removed)

Before the 11.4.0 update, you can only play with players of the same level group. Now, you play with people that are in the same league as you currently are in. The former matchmaking, nor the current matchmaking, do not apply to Deadly Games, Sandbox, and Local Games. Note that levels higher than level 31 weren't implemented at the time level groups were still an available feature. This table indicates the levels and group names of the former matchmaking:

Level Group Name
1 None
2-6 Wooden
7-11 Iron
12-16 Golden
17-21 Crystal
22-26 Ruby
27-31 Adamant
Note: As of the 11.0.0 update, RiliSoft changed the Armory UI. As of the UI change, auto-upgrading is still a thing, it's just that the final form of the weapon is visible, unlike the first or the second form of the weapon. This also applies to other automatically upgraded weapons, so note that these weapons are usually unlocked in the lower levels.

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