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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
Both PG

This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Marksman (PGW).

Screenshot 2015-08-01-18-52-27

The Marksman in use.

Screenshot 2015-08-01-18-52-46

The 4X scope of the Marksman.

The Marksman is a Primary weapon introduced in the 5.5.0 update.


It has a black and green front with a green stock, gray ammo clip, green handle, black scope, black grip, and a black barrel. It also has a thin and narrow rectangular 4x scope.


It has good damage, a great rate of fire, good capacity, and good mobility. It's inaccurate at hip fire, but super accurate with the scope. Use it at medium and long ranges.


  • It should be used up close to an opponent, was its best to go for the head, as it can kill opponents with decent armor quickly.
  • It can drain its ammo quickly at a fire rate and capacity like its, so try using the burst method or weaken the enemy first to save enough ammo.
  • When using the scope, it is great at long ranges as long as you're not too close.


  • Strafe at medium range for easy and up-close shots against the enemy.
  • Explosive weaponry can easily defeat its users.
  • Due to its slight inaccuracy, it is effective in short ranges. Using the scope, it is effective in long ranges. Use its range limit as an advantage.
  • Pick off its users from medium ranges.
  • Due to its low ammo capacity, wait till the enemy is reloading, then gun them down.




Supported Maps


  • It is based on the real world Steyr AUG A1 assault rifle.
  • It is one of the few weapons that changes its model as it upgrades.
    • However, this doesn't matter anymore as upgrades became absent in the 12.5.0 update.
  • The name "Marksman" was used, because it is great at long range but not at short ranges, like how sniper rifles work as a marksman's weapon.

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