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  • I live in Canada; deal with it.
  • My occupation is a MLG NoobWrecker.
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Under Contruction

Commonly Asked QuestionsEdit

If you want to ask some stupid question, go ahead. But check this list first. I don't want a thousand people asking me questions. (In case I get famous in this wiki).

  • Q: Your profile pic?
  • A: Made it myself! The color in the background is #128128!

  • Q: Why do you rickroll everyone bro?
  • A: I CAN.

  • Q: What is your favourite meme?
  • A: I like pre-2014 memes, but Do You Kno Da Wae is okay. Dabbing is fine. Fidget spinners are a big no-no. Don't even talk about PPAP.

  • Q: Why you use hammer and soulstone?
  • A: DEAL WITH IT. (There are a lot of people using worse ones.)

  • Q: Why u live in Canada? COME TO DA USA!!!
  • A: Shut up before I call Minecraftian.

Lol. The last one was for fun.

  • Q: What is a Rollback?
  • A: A semi-robotic wiki obssestionist. JK. A rollback is just a user who can "roll back" or reverse pages without leaving a trace in the history.

  • Q: What is a Chat Moderator?
  • A: Thats me. Chat Moderator dose not really moderate chat here, but it moderates the official Discord server.

  • Q: How can you prove that you are a Chat Mod?
  • A: Ask Minecraftian. Or Leafy. Or Dreamspace. Or EC14.

  • Q: Wait, there is a server DISCORD SERVER?
  • A: There is a screen in the sidebar. You should know. JOIN NOW. OR ELSE. JK.

  • A: ikr.

  • Q: How is being color blind like?
  • A: Well, you don't really notice the difference usually. But it gets annoying at art class or something.

  • Q: Do you have a life?
  • A: 01001110 01101111.

  • Q: Can I play PG3D with you?
  • A: Sure. My IGN is in my page. Friend me. If I have time I might do a duel with you or two.

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