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The Military Mech is the boss of the Megalopolis level in Crossed Worlds of Campaign.


It has a green head with a red visor, grey and red arms, a green military camo torso with a red insignia on it, grey legs with a red skull on its lower torso, and it carries two Mech Heavy Rifles. It is identical to the Mech with the only difference being the paint job and the Military Mech being slightly bigger than the normal version.


The boss will fly somewhat slowly towards the player, then it will fire its two arm cannons. the Military Mech can get stuck and you can literally jump inside it and won't get hurt by it for a while, and kill it with a Melee weapon. This boss usually moves around a set path. The boss will follow the path that would get the mech to the player the fastest.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1Heart new 90Heart new Moderately fast
Medium 1Heart new 120Heart new Moderately fast
Hard 1Heart new 150Heart new Moderately fast

The player Mech compared to the Military Mech


  • It is similar to the Level 22-26 Mech, except that it has several changes on the normal features, such as the color and the fact that it has a jetpack, not like the normal Mech.
    • Also, it seems to fire more slowly than a usual Mech.
  • You can purchase its gun in the store. For info, see Mech Heavy Rifles.
  • The Military Mech is the same one as the regular Mech only a green Camo instead of white.
  • It spawns on one of the buildings.
  • It has a Jetpack equipped, but it has a green camo instead of the default white.