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The Mines Launcher Up1 is a Heavy weapon added in the 10.0.0 update. It is the second and the final form of the Mines Launcher.


It is similar to the Firestorm, but with a gray and red color scheme. It also has a dark gray grip and mines.

Its mines were semi-cylindrical, black canisters with gray followed by red on the tips of the mine.


Due to its high damage, good rate of fire, normal capacity, and moderate mobility, this can be used in several ways.


  • It is a great weapon to counter Storm Hammer users, because of its fast firing area push and confusing explosion pattern.
  • Its projectiles are entities, so it can be used to block some other projectiles.
  • Melee users are way more vulnerable when you are using this weapon against them, due to this being really devastating in close ranges.
  • Directly hit your enemies with it for maximum effect.
  • Avoid hitting your teammates with it, due to the fact that the projectiles explode even on friendly targets, with its normal knockback intact. This will mess with your teammates' aim, or can push them onto nearby hazards.
  • As the name of the weapon states, the gun fires mine-like projectiles. These will latch onto surfaces, and will detonate after a short period of time, or when a hostile player approaches. This can be taken advantage of in corridors or areas with small spaces.
  • If you know that an enemy is approaching from a certain area, you can shoot down a few mines and set up a small trap.
  • Despite the arching nature of the projectiles, the gun is notably effective at taking down airborne targets due to the flak-like projectiles.
  • Try to trap a target into a corner where escape is difficult.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • The projectiles obeys gravity, so stand back with a wall break weapon.
  • If lacking a wall break weapon, attack from behind.
  • If someone is using the Mines Launcher as well, the mines can hit each other and bounce back in random directions. If you have a teammate with a Mines Launcher, they can work to deflect the opponent's explosives, allowing you to move in for the kill. However, this requires an absurd amount of coordination, and is not recommended for continuous use.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Keep an eye of what direction the user is shooting at. If they are aiming upwards, they may be raining mines at you in an effort to confuse you.
  • Avoid engaging its users in close-range fights. This is a good way not to be pushed into hazards or being toasted by the mines. (Unless one is well-armored)
  • Assuming you have enough area to (double) jump, try to stay as high (if not, far) as possible from the projectiles. This way, you will not be detected and blown up. Strafing sideways will also allow for better dodging of the explosives.
  • This weapon's projectiles block bullets infinitely, meaning it's impossible to kill or harm the user unless you ambush them from behind or use a weapon that has the Wallbreak effect such as the Prototype.


None (Final upgrade)



Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

It is good to combine this weapon with a weapon with good mobility, such as melee weapons.


  • It looks very similar to the Firestorm Up2 but gray.
  • It claims to be a "Contact Detonator", but is actually a proximity detonator.