The Mummy is an enemy that only appears in the Desert stage in the Block World Campaign.


It will slowly walk its way towards you, following you. It attacks as if it was in a close range.


It is merely just a Zombie with a different texture, sharing the same animations and stats. Its appearance is a figure wrapped in beige cloth with a pitch black opening for its red glowing eyes.




A full appearance of the Mummy.

Details of it's stats on each modes.


Damage: 2Heart new

Speed: Moderate

Health: 3Heart new


Damage: 2Heart new

Speed: Moderate

Health: 4Heart new


Damage: 4Heart new

Speed: Moderate

Health: 6Heart new


  • The Mummy's texture is also one of the free skins you can own.
  • It is based off of a mummy from the Ancient Egyptian times.
  • In the first slide of the Sky Islands comic, there is a mummy visible in the background.

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