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The Nail Minigun Up2 is a special weapon introduced in the 10.3.0 update. It is the third and final form of the Nail Minigun.


It looks like an enlarged rivet gun, but with an extruded clip on the underside. The clip features a skull on the sides. It also shows visible nails on the inside. At the back, it shows a blue back with a caution sign.


It has decent damage and high rate of fire. It is best used in medium to long range maps.


  • Use this weapon in close to medium range, as most high-firing weapons lose their accuracy in long-range combat.
  • this weapon has a very high accuracy, making it kill people fast like the icicle minivan.
  • use this weapon to slow down people who bunny hop to get an easy kill.


  • Due to the high fire rate, avoid the user as much as you can, and try to snipe them with a sniper rifle, such as the Prototype.


N/A (final upgrade)



Weapon Setups

Bring with you a long range weapon in order to defend yourself from Snipers


  • Despite having the same listed fire rate as the Icicle Minigun and Laser Minigun, the former actually shoots a little faster, than the other two

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