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The Ninja Shurikens is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.3.0 update.


They seem to be normal shurikens, but have a white edge, black outline and the shurikens look red. It also has 3 shurikens.


It cuts through enemy players, in 3 different paths while inflicting high damage as well as making your enemy bleed and take more damage.


  • It can bleed players so note that it can deal additional damage.
  • To guarantee a one-shot kill, go up close to an enemy player and aim for the head.
  • Use this against multiple enemies in one line, because this has piercing shot.
  • Be sure to aim properly while using this gadget, otherwise the shurikens will miss the targeted player(s).
  • Use this to encounter Ghost Lantern users.
  • This gadget is perfect for throwing down hallways in maps like Silent School.
  • Try to do this in a small crowd of people rather than in front of just one person so that all three (or at least 2) shurikins will hit.
  • When dealing with the samuari, always get close and aim on the head to destroy everything, including the samuari and players! Even better, if they have used a durational gadget, when you killed them, that other gadget will be cancelled for 3 seconds. Now in the 15.4.0 update, it stop the gadgets from running at all after death.


  • Stay away from close ranged maps like Pool Party.
  • Dodge these shurikens and finish its users using an efficient weapon.


Kung-Fu/Japan themed.


  • These are based on the Shurikens.
  • These are thought to be based on a character's projectiles in Blizzard's Overwatch.
  • It is possible that these shurikens are based on Evelynn's killstreak from Strike Force Heroes 3.
  • In real life, these are actually used traditionally in Japan.
  • These shurikens look different from the Shuriken Thrower's shurikens, but perform similarly.
  • If you use this gadget, it plays a sound similar to Minecraft's anvil sound effect, which is highly unrealistic.
    • However, if you clang the shurikens on your armor, it would make this sound.
  • In the 12.5.0 update, an extra upgrade has been introduced for this gadget.
    • However, it was reverted in the 12.5.3 update.