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The Nuclear Revolver Up1 is a Backup weapon added in the 10.3.0 update. It is the second upgrade of the Nuclear Revolver.


The weapon appears to be very cumbersome. It has a dark green frame, scope, handle, and cylinder. The weapon also has large snubbed barrel out of the weapon.


Like its predecessor, the weapon possesses high damage, mobility, and a decent fire rate, but suffers from a low ammo capacity.


  • Make each shot count by aiming at the ground, to maximize the splash damage.
  • The high fire rate and low capacity lead to frequent reloading. Take cover or fall back when reloading
  • Unlike most weapons with area damage, the projectiles of the weapon instantly hit its target.
    • The only other weapon which is similar to this is the Dead Star, which you could also use it similarly to this weapon.
  • Due to it being an Area damage weapon, aim for the ground.


  • Avoid the being hit by constantly moving.
  • Attack the user at a longer range.
  • Using the Jetpack you can easily avoid their hots, however, be aware that they can always use the scope or switch to another weapon.




Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Due to the low capacity of the weapon, carry around a weapon with more ammunition. Something like the Automatic Peacemaker (PG3D) should suffice.


  • This weapon was the first area damage backup to have an instant bullet travel time.
  • This weapon is comparable to the Dead Star.
  • Though it is a nuclear weapon, it does not have the Radioactive contribute.
    • It does not have any lasting damage contribute like Poison either, but nukes are supposed to do that.