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Parallel Monster

The Parallel Monster is an uncommon enemy found in the Parallel World Campaign level.



  • Damage: 4
  • Health: 11Heart new
  • Speed: Slow 


  • Damage: 4
  • Health: 22Heart new
  • Speed: Slow


  • Damage: 4
  • Health: 33Heart new
  • Speed: Slow


It will slide towards you, bumping into objects occasionally.



The Parallel Monster has a skin color of dark gray with a mix of grey and red just like Parallel World. It has three red eyes. Its pupil are dark red and its iris is scarlet; The middle eye is larger than the other two beside it. Both of its arms are in a forward position; The arm is at a rectangular shape. It has a mouth opening widely with teeth showing at the top and bottom of it's mouth. It's arms shake uncontrollably when it chases you.


  • It is impossible to headshot this.
  • It used to look like like an Enderman from Minecraft.

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