The Parallel Zombie is a common enemy in the 3rd level, Sky Islands and in the 5th level , Parallel World in the Block World campaign.


Damage: 1

Health: 10

Speed: Moderate


It will slowly trudge itself towards you, then swing it's arms at you, inflicting damage. It can become stuck on objects, so use that flaw to delay them and break up large crowds.



Parallel Man

A full appearance of the Parallel Zombie.

It has a parallel-looking skin with a red, grey and black odd looking face and grey skin with red dashes marked around its entire body. The old model was completely black, except for its wide eyes and its hands, which were magenta.

IMG 2025

The old model of this enemy. It was called "End Zombie".


  • This enemy, with all of the other Ender mobs, were re-skinned with new textures due to copyright issues with Mojang.
  • This enemy also appears in Sky Islands. However, it appears as the Parallel Runner instead.

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