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The Pharaoh Golem is a boss that replaced the Pharaoh Stalker in the 10.6.0 update.


It is a mummified golem with its red-eyed skull exposed and has bandages on its shoulders, forelimbs, and legs. It wears ancient Egyptian pharaoh accessories and has red orbs for its limb joints and heart, which was its only hitbox.


It will walk towards the player and pummels them solely with its right arm. It will also climb atop any terrain available, even the large sphinx, to get to you. Upon its death, it will break up into many pieces, fall and disappear. After you have defeated it, it will drop the Flame Thrower that you have to pick up in order to finish the level and progress/continue to the next level. It will also not take damage unless shot in the designated hitbox.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 3Heart new 40Heart new Medium
Medium 3Heart new 50Heart new Medium
Hard 3Heart new 60Heart new Medium



  • Use accessories with armor bonus against him as he does a decent amount of damage.
  • Aim for his chest with the small red hitbox in its chest since it is the only way you could hurt it.



  • Just like the Tortured Prisoner, it is another boss where the model freezes when it doesn't see you.