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This wiki was founded on December 14 2013.

Ic info white 36dp Basic Information
Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World

are first person shooter games created by Alex Krasnov. They include a wide variety of weapons, maps, armor, gadgets, modes and other content.

This wiki will attempt to describe all game content in the best of ability, strategy, function, appearance and various other things about both Pixel Gun games.

If you have a registered account, you can help and start adding pages and edit pages to make them better.

WDSRules Wiki Rules

Like any other perfect wiki, this one has rules that registered members must obey to avoid being blocked from the wiki. Please go through the following rules to avoid the risk of getting blocked:

1. Editing Rules:

  • 1.1. Do not add false categories.
  • 1.2. Do not add random spaces (or categories) and edit the page and delete what you just edited.
  • 1.3. Do NOT vandalize! Vandalism will result in a block.
  • 1.4. Do not add random photos or pictures and then delete them just to get badges. This is called farming badges and is absolutely not tolerated in this wiki.
  • 1.5. Do not include opinions, glitches, or any unofficial or inappropriate content. These are not good edits.

2. Commenting Rules:

  • 2.1. Remember, this wiki is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with the Pixel Gun Company, so raging against the wiki makes no difference.
  • 2.2. Use appropriate language (no bullying, no inappropriate language, no harassment or spam).
  • 2.3. Respect all other users and their opinions. Constructive criticism is welcomed in this wiki, as long as it isn't made in a rude way.
  • 2.5. Do not post hacks. Hacks give unfair advantages over others and hacking Coin and Gem is like stealing from the Pixel Gun Company.
Full Rules

WDSUpdate Recent Updates


Slide 2 preview

New Contents:

  • New mode "Team Strike". One life. Two brothers in arms. Seven rounds.
  • The League System.
  • Rock in the battles, get the levels - raise your League.
  • New upgrades system and Power Bar Upgrades!
  • Any gun also as an armor can now become infinitely powerful (well, almost).
  • More money for you!
  • Your precious savings are multiplied, same with the all rewards!

Other changes:

  • The level cap is raised to 70.
  • Tickets were removed.
  • "Swipe-firing" was fixed.

See also: Pixel Gun 3D Updates.


Slide 2 preview
  • A new mode: "Team Strike". Battle 3 vs 3 on the new map "FACILITY" and win in the maximum number of rounds. One life, two companions, and seven rounds!
  • A new set of deadly weapons! Thunderer, Judge, One Shot, Piranha, Shotgun Minigun and many others!
  • In this version, you will find Super Lottery. You will be able to win awesome prizes: Unique weapons, new mythical pets and much more.
  • Improved weapon upgrade system. Now you can upgrade your weapon throughout the whole game. Choose cool weapons and upgrade them! Collect your victorious arsenal and become a champion.
  • The smart tips system will always help you to choose the best weapon.
  • Now, in the Lucky Chest, you will be able to win free upgrades for a weapon.

Improvements and modifications:

  • Now all players get reward at the end of the match no matter what place they have
  • Tickets were removed - all mini games are free now!
  • MailBox from craft section was replaced by Treasury
  • “Mobility” was changed to “Weight” - the lower the Weight, the faster you move with the weapon
  • Fast gun change shot aka Swipe was fixed
  • New ladders system was added to maps
  • Level Up windows now are more informative
  • Ability to adjust the music volume was added
  • New device Jukebox lets you choose various lobby music
  • Now you can see Trophies of your friends and other players in their profiles
  • New Armor design
  • Bug Fixes

See also: Pixel Gun 3D Updates.



New mode:

  • Brawl 3x3. Fight in a new format on the unique maps TRAIN DEPOT and BARGE.


  • New special event! Win in battles and get ribbons for which you can win unique cannons, pets and new items for the lobby.
    • New map "White House"
    • SPINNERS! Try a new fun gun in battle: Fidget Thrower.
    • Pack of new skins


  • ARENA is now available for free and with all inventory
  • New design of the mode selection screen
  • Accelerated launch of multiplayer battles
  • Optimized memory usage

See also: Pixel Gun 3D Updates.

Pixel Gun World Discontinued

PGW discontinued

Official Announcement:

Dear players!

Today Pixel Gun World open beta test comes to an end.

We thank each and every participant of the closed and open beta tests. Over the course of both tests a lot of work has been done: there have been new maps, modes, clans and weapons created. More than 15 000 000 battles have taken place and more than 1 000 000 users have registered.

Thanks to your help, Pixel Gun World has gradually turned from a little world into a huge one, full of drive and fascinating adventures.

Currently, we are finishing the open beta test and then we will start improving, refining and trouble-shooting the game. We are planning to conduct an extensive test with a view to enhancing the game.

From now on all the game servers, as well as the forum will be suspended. We really appreciate the fact that you have been a part of Pixel Gun World all the time!

Farewell, Pixel Fighters! Hopefully, we’ll reunite somewhere in other Universes!

Despite this announcement possibly encouraging a release for Pixel Gun World, the game hasn't returned and it never will.

See also: Pixel Gun World Updates.

MaterialVideo Featured Video
Pixel Gun 3D Update 12.501:24

Pixel Gun 3D Update 12.5.3 preview


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