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Welcome to the Pixel Gun Wiki {{{l<insert name here>}}}! We are proud to have you on this wonderful community! Before you get started, please read this page to help you get started!

Getting Started

So you've created an account. Great! The first thing you need to do is edit your userpage, especially if you like introducing, or describing yourself. Click the edit button and add anything you want people to know about you. What do you want people to know about? What do you have to show off?

Making Your First Edits

Great! You've finished your userpage! Now you've got to make your first edit. Click the "Random Page" button. This will take you to a random page on the wiki. Whatever page you land on, click that edit button at the top of the screen, or instead, you can search for a page and click the edit button. When editing, add helpful information. For more on Good Edits, see our Editing Protocol. Once you've finished, click the "Publish" button, or "Save page" if using VisualEditor.


Badges are "rewards" for making Good Edits. Earning a badge will give you points. There are three types of badges; bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze badges give you 10 achievement points. Silver gives you 50 and gold gives you 100. There are several different types of badges that are available to be earned.

  • Making at least one contribution everyday (Note that if you made a contribution every 365 days, you will earn a Platinum Badge, with 250 achievement points).
  • Editing pages.
  • Adding categories.
  • Adding photos.
  • Writing or commenting on blogs.
  • Editing a page with the Weapons category.
  • Editing a page with the Enemies category.
  • Making a lucky wiki interval of 1,000 edit. 

The Lucky Edit is the WIKI'S interval of one thousand edit, not yours.

Note: In the main page, the total amount of edits is currently inaccurate. The total edit amount inaccuracy comes from Fandom in general, not this wiki. You usually will not earn the Lucky Edit badge when on the main page it will say "999 edits since December 2013", for example.

Making a Good Reputation

A Good Reputation is important when editing on a wiki. Having a good reputation will earn you trust among administrators. This could possibly live up to a promotion in the future. See . Having a bad reputation will not earn you trust and may make you disliked among other users. This may lead up to a potential block. Bad edits, rude commenting, and other breaking of rules will earn you a bad reputation.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of these staff members. Asking an active staff member will have you receive a message quicker.

User Rank Status Edits Rights
Galli2001 Founder Semi-Active 6,813 Administrator rights and promotion abilities
Coriidor5 Co-Founder Semi-Active 4,074 Administrator rights and promotion abilities
Minecraftian47 Bureaucrat Active 3,942 Administrator rights and promotion abilities.
JustLeafy Administrator Active 10,677 Administrator rights.
EliteStarGazer Moderator Active 1,597 Ability to highlight, open, close and remove threads and posts.


Wiki Rules

Like any other perfect wiki, this one has rules that guests and members must obey to avoid being blocked from this wiki. Please go through the following rules to avoid the risk of being blocked:

Editing Rules:

  1. Do not add false categories.
  2. Do not add random spaces (or categories) and edit the page and delete what you just edited. 
  3. Do NOT vandalize! Vandalism will result in a block.
  4. Do not add random photos or pictures and then delete them just to get badges. This is called farming badges and is absolutely not tolerated in this wiki.
  5. Do not make inappropriate edits (putting swear words, sexuality etc.)
  6. Do not add opinionated edits. Opinions are POINTLESS edits.

Commenting Rules:

  1. Remember, this wiki is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with RiliSoft, so raging against the wiki makes no difference.
  2. Use appropriate language (no bullying, no inappropriate language).
  3. Respect all other users and their opinions. You may criticize but not in a rude way.
  5. Do not post hacks. Hacks give unfair advantages over others and hacking Coin or Gem is like stealing from RiliSoft.
  6. Do not spam.
  7. Do not start or engage in flame wars.

Chat Rules:

  2. Do NOT harass another user.
  3. Do not spam the chat.

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