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Point Capture is a gamemode introduced in the 10.0.0 update.

How to Play

When you join a game you will be automatically put in a different team.

The goal of the gamemode is a team must generate 1000 points within the time limit, or to have the most points, by standing and/or moving inside the specific points on the areas that generate points. There are 3 bases: A, B and C. More than one player standing at the same point captures points faster.

Point Capture Maps


  • This is similar to the 'Call of Duty' Domination gamemode and Team Fortress 2's KOTH  gamemode.
  • The points contain items in the game in containers, such as ammo, coins, and gems, which are however cosmetic.
  • The map Mining Camp is exclusive to the gamemode.
  • If all 3 points are captured by the same team, the others team will not receive points.


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