The Prison Crawler is a common enemy which is present only in the Prison level of the single-player Campaign map.



  • Damage: 1 Heart new
  • Health: 3 Heart new
  • Speed: Slow


  • Damage: 1-2 Heart new
  • Health: 4 Heart new
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Damage: 2 Heart new
  • Health: 5 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


It will crawl towards you at a slow rate, just like a normal Crawler. It will bump into objects, so it can be delayed or even trapped.


Prisoner Crawler

A full appearance of the Prisoner Crawler.

It seems to be a crawler zombie wearing an orange prison suit and with blood pouring out of its eyes.Most of its head has no skin on it, so the skull is partially exposed. The enemy's skin texture is unique to this one level, because it is made for the map Prison.


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