The Prisoner Zombie is an enemy that appears in the first world of the campaign in the level Prison



Damage: 1 Heart new

Health: 2 Heart new

Speed: Moderate


Damage: 1-2 Heart new

Health: 2 Heart new

Speed: Moderate


Damage: 2 Heart new

Health: 2-3 Heart new

Speed: Moderate


It will shamble towards you, getting caught in dead ends and being delayed by almost all obstacles. As such, it has very low maneuverability.


It is a zombie wearing an orange prison jumpsuit with blood on its face and yellow eyes. It also has some kind of a white collar on its neck. This is most likely a white undershirt that the zombie wore under his orange prison suit in prison before they were infected.

Zombie Prisoner

A full appearance of the Prisoner Zombie.


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