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PGW Only

The Rabbit Pistols Up1 is a Backup weapon introduced in the 3.9.2 update in Pixel Gun World. It is the second and the final form of the Rabbit Pistols.


The Rabbit Pistols Up1 have a large, white bunny barrel and seem to have a wooden handle. As seen in the name, they resemble the Easter Bunny for an event.


The Rabbit Pistols Up1 have very good mobility for a (dual-wielding) pistol, giving it an advantage when rushing, strafing, and in close range combat. Their reload speed is good for it's low capacity making it pretty speedy compared to other pistols. However they also do have a couple of evident flaws when you use them, like it's low standby ammo.


  • Hide behind a barrier then come back out when done reloading.
  • Take advantage of it's mobility and rush and strafe.
  • Travel along the sides of a map.
  • Try not to get too close to an opponent.


  • Try and tell if your opponent is out of ammo.
  • Get a higher mobility weapon than the opponent, or just buy an area damage weapon.




Easter themed.


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