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The Ranger Rifle Up1 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update. It's the first update of the Ranger Rifle


The gun is orange and white, it has a straight ammo clip, a skeleton icon beside the gun, big stock, and a 2x like scope.


It has good damage, good rate of fire, and average mobility. But the capacity is still low for rifle being.


  • Try to get a headshot from an easy-to-kill enemy for better damage and quick kills.
  • Its 2x scope makes it better at close to long range attacks. Not commented for continuous shooting due to the eventual widening of the cross hair.


  • Try to attack at long range so you won't get killed very easily.


Ranger Rifle Up2, which costs 109Gem by upgrading the Ranger Rifle Up1.




  • It's based of real world FN SCAR-H with a 2x scope.

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