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The Rapid Fire Rifle is a weapon found in the Primary section, it was brought to the store in the 10.0.0 update.


It is a bullpup SMG with an integrated 4x Zoom Scope with a Blue and Gold color scheme. It also has a suppressor equipped, along with an elongated stock.


The Rapid Fire Rifle has a fast fire rate, it has the same fire rate for most weapons with fast fire rates, like the Automatic Peacemaker.


  • It is best used for long range combat, as its scope can help you along with the fire rate kill the opponent easily, and when firing without the scope it has extremely low crosshair spread.


  • It is very slow, so the long range will help you notice whoever is trying to shoot you so you can run.




Supported Maps

  • N/A

Weapon Setups

Due to the suppressor and the high rate of fire, the weapon pairs well with a silent loadout.


  • It is based off of the FN-P90 submachine gun/personal defense weapon, which makes the in-game designation as a rifle incorrect, as it is classified as a PDW rather than a rifle
  • It does not have a 4x zoom, but rather a 2x zoom.
  • The colors on the gun seemed to be based off of the French GIGN Uniforms, Which use the P90.
  • The fire rate has been changed from 98 to 99, seeing that it fires around 9-10 rounds/second.
  • As of the 12.5.0 update, it was removed from the Lucky Chest.


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