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The Reaper is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It is a handgun that is plated with gold and has red jewels on it. The barrel has three crystals.


It has a low fire-rate (but multiple shots), medium-high efficiency, medium capacity and medium mobility.


  • Since it has an armor bonus, use this weapon as something gain free armor.
  • It has Multiple Shots, get into medium to close range battles.
  • If executing Category Spam by using Reaper, make sure all six mini-shots are released before switching weapons. Otherwise, you will waste the gun's capacity ineffectively.
  • This weapon has travel time, it's advised not to use it at long range.
  • Do not solely aim on the head, since it does not have head-shot multiplier.
  • Use this weapon to move around like a melee weapon as its mobility is average.
  • Take note that this will not get you far away from the battlefield.
  • Cluster them with Singular Grenade and fire the barrage.
  • Since the 15.2.2 if equipped this is max Backup DPS setup, it is about 6 mini-shots kill or less.
  • Use this to finish off/weaken opponent.


  • Pick off users with long-range weapons.
  • Keep moving, and step back from the player as this weapon is not good for long range combat.
  • Jump around, travel time weapons have a hard time hitting players in mid air.
  • Being a Reaper user yourself can be effective when countering.
  • Do not hesitate if you see a Category Spammer using Reaper, as Multiple Shots is atrocious if switching weapons rapidly before all 6 mini-shots get released while wastes his/her ammunition.
  • Be aware if you are low in HP, even one or two mini-shots will kill you.


Futuristic/Royal Theme

Supported Maps

Small maps such as Pool Party.

Weapon Setups

  • A primary for medium to long ranges.
  • Have a long ranged weapon or a highly efficient sniper.
  • A melee that have a mobility at least of 90.


  • Despite its name, a reaper is usually a dark assassin.
  • This could be a reference of Reaper from Overwatch.
  • Mythical clan-made weapons all have an armor bonus.
  • In the 14.0.0 update, this weapon's ammo got decreased from 7 to 5.
  • From 15.1.0 Update, the ammo revert back to 7 and takes two barrages to kill.
  • It is the first and only backup weapon that sports Multiple Shots and Area Damage.
  • In Multiple Shots, it fires mini-shots of 6 if a player taps the fire button just once.
  • Its reload animation is identical to Pizza Heater.
  • The body of this gun bears resemblance to to the Alien Blaster.
  • If you start firing this and quickly switch to another weapon before this weapon finishes one barrage, its mini shots will not come out.