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The Robot Samurai is a Support gadget introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


The item itself takes the appearance of a neon green pack with light blue linings and a grey handle.

When activated, it transforms into a robotic samurai in neon green, blue, and grey armor, wielding a giant katana with a red handle, a yellow crossguard, and a light blue blade.


When activated, it transforms into a robotic samurai. In this form, the user gains extra health, has the ability deal high amounts of damage and gains the ability to double jump.


  • You may save this gadget for when you are at low health. In certain situations, this could work similarly to the resurrection gadget.
  • Equip/activate this gadget when you are in a tricky situation where your enemies are at close ranges. Equip this so you will get the extra armor and hit your opponents at close ranges.
  • It is also useful in flag capture due to the fact that this is agiler and provides extra mobility from the double jump attribute.
  • Only use this in close-range situations.


  • Simply run away using your fastest weapon and attack from a distance.
  • Although this has several advantages over the Battle Mech, it is a melee type gadget, therefore, if you happen to have a mech in your arsenal, you can try to attack the samurai from a range.
  • When activated, this has a slight area damage that can hit targets that are in front and slightly beside the robot, so stay away from the front or attack from behind the user.
  • if you have full health and armor or resurrection you can charge at it using a high mobility weapon then switching to frozen dragon or pet dragon to finish it as they are a flamethrower and they cannot move fast enough to counter you.


Feudal Japanese/Futuristic themed.


  • It is the first gadget to introduce the Double Jump attribute.
  • Its area damage is slightly different than the normal area damage physics. Instead, the area damage is more similar to the Storm Hammer physics, but the area damage is not a full 360° area damage, but rather somewhere between a 170° to 180° area damage.