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The Rocket Crossbow is a Heavy weapon introduced in 10.5.0 update. It is the first form of the Rocket Crossbow.


It is a brown, bulky crossbow with adorned with gold parts along with a gray handle and cyan parts. The rockets in the clip have a cyan tip.


It has great damage, great fire rate, high capacity and average mobility for levels under 17.


  • Try spamming this gun by targeting the player on the ground or most recommended, shooting the target with a rocket until the player dies.
  • Use the 4x scope if fighting in long range. Be wary of snipers in the vicinity.
  • Jump around left and right while killing a target.
  • Use this weapon to pick off weakened targets.


  • As this has a bullet travel time, kill the opponent with a better weapon and dodge that rocket.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.

Former Upgrades



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a long ranged weapon, as this weapon is difficult to use at distances.


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