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This is Shooting Range. See the page for more information.

Shooting Range is a small sized team battle map. Just like Pool Party, players mainly engage in close range combat. Continue reading if you want to know how to win a lot of coins in this map!

Weapons Needed

Gear needed


First Method

  1. Switch your Dragon Breath/High Voltage.
  2. Jump up to the ledge on top of the spawn area.
  3. Jump across to the other team's ledge.
  4. Kill the players of the opposing team from there(Move continuously or you might be killed).
  5. Earn Coins!

Second Method

  1. Switch to your anti gravity blaster, then Rocket Jump on to the roof of the other. team's crow's nest
  2. Kill the players of the opposing team from there(Move continuously if you are spotted.)
  3. Earn Coins!


Pay attention to:

  • Enemies with Dragon Breaths
  • Enemies with Crystal Armor
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