The Shuriken Thrower Up2 is a Special weapon introduced in the 10.2.0 update. It is the third and final form of the Shuriken Thrower.


It is a device what appears to have a few knifes underneath the weapon, with a wristband behind it. There is a holder on top of the gun holding a shuriken. There is a small scope behind the holder.


This weapon is very general-purpose if you are accurate because it introduces high efficiency despite it being 17, a decent rate of fire, a good capacity and slightly high mobility for levels 22 and higher.


  • The best use for this weapon is at wider surfaces due to its inaccuracy. Not recommended using in corridors.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Conserve its ammunition due to this having a slightly large spread.
  • As this has a good mobility, don't stop dodging left and right while jumping and killing.
  • Use this in medium range while using the optical sight due to its loud sound effects that can be heard in close range. Also, try not to use it in very long range, even when extremely accurate, because due to its slow bullet travel time, you will have a more complicated duel because it will be easy dodging the shuriken.
  • Ambush or trickshoot enemies, head-shot wise in an outdoor surface.
  • It has a piercing shot attribute, so you can diminish multiple opponents, even for one shuriken, unless if not many are in the surface or there are too many strafers.
  • As of 11.2.0 update, this has been given a bleeding property. Aim for multiple players so they can bleed temporarily. In case if they are still alive, try shooting them again.


  • Use a long or short ranged weapon like Prototype or Hellraiser.
  • You can see the projectiles, so with a high mobility weapon, it is fairly easy to dodge.


None (final upgrade)


Ninja-style Themed


  • This was once a secret weapon in the Pixel Gun Company's Facebook page. Since the post got 5000 likes, the weapon was revealed.
  • This and its upgrades are one of the three weapons that lie on the player's wrist, the others being the Portable Death Moon and the Pet Dragon.
  • This was given the bleeding property in the 11.2.0 update.