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The Skeleton Runner is an uncommon enemy encountered in the Sky Islands map. It only appears in the Block World Campaign.


It is similar to a normal Skeleton. The differences are that it does not possess a pair of red eyes, the bones are gray instead of white, and it oddly looks more like a realistic skeleton.



  • Damage: 2 Heart new
  • Health: 3-4 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


  • Damage: 2 Heart new
  • Health: 4-5 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


  • Damage: 3 Heart new
  • Health: 6-7 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


It runs towards the player with pretty decent maneuvering skills, while it may look like a peaceful creature they can kill pretty fast if the player did not pay enough attention.

Skeleton 2

A full appearance of the Skeleton Runner.


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