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The Smart Bullet Bazooka, commonly abbreviated as the "SBB", is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.6.0 update. It can be upgraded to the Smart Bullet Bazooka Up1.


As the name suggests, it is a bazooka. It has many elements from the Super Mario franchise, such as the faced bullet that appears in Mario and it looks spammy.


It has low-medium damage (per shot), medium rate of fire, low capacity, and average mobility for levels between 17 and 26.


  • Use swarms of missiles to increase damage.
  • Use this against the closest player for faster killing and ammunition saving.
  • Because the Smart Bullet Bazooka fires homing missiles, use this to dispose of enemies from far distances.
  • Due to the homing missiles, it can explode after a period of time.
  • Since this weapon is not very effective to be used by itself, try using other weapons to weaken the enemy's armour and then use this weapon to finish them off.
  • This weapon is more effective in short ranges compared to medium ranges, because people could easily see the rockets and dodge them.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • As the missiles memorize your last location, quickly get out of that location.
  • When the missiles are following you, try to use a high mobility weapon like the Romeo & Juliet.
  • When the missiles are following you, try to go to a wall where the missiles will eventually explode on the wall.
  • Strafe around a sharp corner or go through a doorway to avert the missile's path.
  • You can actually destroy the missiles by hitting them with the Barrier Rifle's rockets.
  • Try to avoid the missiles for a short time, as the rockets range is very low, so after about 6 seconds, they destroy themselves.

The Smart Bullet Bazooka in use.



Super Mario Universe's Bullet Bill.

Supported Maps

Weapon setups

Bring a scoped weapon to take out targets from afar, as the rockets are slow to travel to the target.


  • It's currently one of the only four homing weapons in the game, the other being the Bee Swarm Spell, Nanobots Rifle, and Dual Cryo Pistols.
  • When fired, it uses the firework sound from the Mario Bros. series.
  • It was nerfed in the 11.0.0 update; the speed of the rockets or "smart bullets" was slightly reduce, making it easier to out-run the rockets.
  • This weapon borrows many aspects from the Super Mario Bros. franchise:
    • The bazooka itself resembles a Bullet Bill Cannon, with the projectiles being the Bullet Bills.
    • The homing effect also reflects many Bullet Bills having the ability to chase Mario when fired.
    • Tha bazooka can also be a reference to Roy Koopa from the Mario series as well, as he uses and fires a Bullet Bill Launcher in New Super Mario Bros. U.
      • This bazooka also fires Bullet Bills that can home in on and chase Mario.
  • Despite the weapon having a grade of Legendary, it is a common weapon to come across in battle.