The Snowman is a common enemy only found on the Winter Island.


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 2Heart new 15Heart new Fast
Medium 2Heart new 18Heart new Fast
Hard 2Heart new 24Heart new Fast


The Snowman will run towards the player. It has very good maneuvering abilities.

Essentially, it is basically the winter version of a normal zombie from level 1.


It is a walking snowman with a watermelon as its head. It has three black buttons on its body.


Melon Snowman

A full appearance of the Snowman.


  • It is also seen built as a snowman with the Knight Sword Up2 as a decoration game.
  • It used to have a pumpkin as a head, but it was removed due to copyright claims with Mojang.
  • It has a green pumpkin-like face.