The Snowman is a common enemy on Winter Island.


Easy Mode

  • Damage: 2 Heart new
  • Health: 15 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast

Medium Mode

  • Damage: 2 Heart new
  • Health: 18 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast

Hard Mode

  • Damage: 2 Heart new
  • Health: 24 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


The Snowman will run towards the player. It has very good maneuvering abilities.


It is a walking snowman with a watermelon as its head. It has three black buttons on its body.


Melon Snowman

A full appearance of the Snowman.


  • It is also seen built as a snowman with the Knight Sword Up2 as a decoration in game.
  • It used to have a pumpkin as a head, but it was removed due to copyright claims with Mojang.
  • It has a green pumpkin-like face.