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The Snowman Mage is the boss of Winter Island in Campaign. After you defeat the Snowman Mage, the portal to Hell's Castle appears.


It is a pumpkin-headed snowman in black, purple, and orange clothing. On its neck appears to be an amulet containing a purple gem. It also has purple feet.

Snowman Mage

A full appearance of the Snowman Mage.



  • Health: 75Heart new
  • Damage: 2Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


  • Health: 100Heart new
  • Damage: 3Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


  • Health: 125Heart new
  • Damage: 3Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


Despite its name, it does not attack you with the projectile magic of any kind. However, It will make contact with you, dealing damage. It's maneuvering skills are moderate, so it will be occasionally be delayed by the levels various obstacles.


  • Simply keep walking and moving.
  • Engage in long ranges.
  • Engage using high fire rate or high-efficiency weapons such as the Armageddon (PG3D) or the Heavy Shotgun.
IMG 0114

An overhead view of the Snowman Mage.



  • Even though the boss's name is "Snowman Mage", it has no signs of being made of snow whatsoever nor does it have the ability to use magic.
  • The Snowman Mage shares a vague resemblance to the Horseless Headless Horseman(HHH for short) from Team Fortress 2, regarding the glowing pumpkin head and purple clothing. However, the former is smaller than the latter.