The Soldiers are the enemies in the Megalopolis level of Crossed Worlds.


They carry different weapons along with different colored military uniforms and gear. Soldiers carrying Desert Eagles wear yellow suits, soldiers carrying Secret Forces Rifles wear green suits, and soldiers carrying Armageddons wear grey suits. They are also equipped with a jetpack so they can get from one roof to another faster than Newbie.


When a player shoots a soldier or gets close enough to one, they will chase and shoot the player with their own respective weapons.


  • They are the first enemies who are actually human beings.
    • The soldiers seem to be slightly more slim than the player.
  • They carry weapons that the player can buy from the Armory
  • Soldiers carrying Armageddons can see and shoot the player at longer ranges than the other ones.
  • The rockets that the rocket soldiers fire are about 2 times weaker than the ones fired from the Armageddon.
  • The Secret Forces Rifle that the soldiers wield is not suppressed, despite the fact it has a suppressor on the barrel.
  • Strangely, the Secret Forces Rifle they carry sounds like Desert Eagle when fired.
    • This is probably to warn players that they are near.



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