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Space Station is an Arena map introduced in the 8.0.0 update.


It is a disc-like space station that is orbiting Earth. Across from the doors where the enemies come from, a sort of a spike that crosses to the center and holds an electric ball. On the inside, there is a blue square that is a type of hologram that is projecting a UFO similar to the one in Area 52. If you look up toward the glass you can see a blue energy that moves where you move. However, there is no known reason why it does this.


  • When looking out from the window, one will find out that the Station is rotating by seeing the "galaxy arm", the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun spinning, just like the real international space station would.
    • In a realistic manner, fighting like in the game is impossible. You will randomly float as the roof and the floor spin underneath you. This can, in fact, be prevented, by using some type of gravity generator in the floor, pulling you to it, or if the Space Station is enormously huge, as gravity is a property of matter (Anything with mass has gravity, even you, but you are so small compared to even Charon, Pluto's moon, so the gravity is at an atomic scale).
      • However, as stated above, the station is spinning. This could provide centrifugal force, pushing you outwards, onto the "floor". This method is also used in some theme park rides where you are seem attached to the wall because the cylinder is spinning fast enough.
  • On top of the hallways where the enemies come out is a sort of machine similar to Halo 4's Mantis, but without the rocket and Gatling gun arms, but just plain arms.


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