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This article is about a Campaign stage. If you're looking for the multiplayer map, see 'Space Station'.

The Space Station is the 3rd map in the Crossed Worlds of Campaign.


The map features the space station from its respective multiplayer map. The space station has a walkway which branches to a parked UFO, and has a tower. There are 2 stairways at the back of the station which can be used to climb to the mid-section of the tower.



Hidden Coin and Gem

The coin is located on the top floor of the space station.

Find the corridor leading to the UFO, where the corridor meets the main space station, there are two ramps leading under, the gem is under that corridor.


The easiest way to finish this level is to run to the UFO, stand there and shot at enemies which come to you. If needed you can go inside and finish of the last few enemies. To defeat the boss, stand on the UFO and quickly kill the Professor with a high damage weapon. Make sure to jump or dodge the green projectiles he shoots.


After the Newbie defeats the Wizard Boss, he demands the Wizard to tell them why everything turned into cubes. The Wizard tells both that an "ugly monster" had destroyed everything and turned everything into blocks. Afterwards, he sends the two in order find the "Great Creator" to revert everything back.

Afterwards, the Wizard makes a portal leading back home, however, the Wizard smirks and claims that it leads back where their homes can be seen. and the Newbie and Female Survivor jumped into it, but then found themselves in a space station occupied by aliens.


  • The floating rocks are ghostly platforms. If the player tries to step on one of them, they will just fall through.
  • The music in this map is a shortened version of the song Dyman- Kill the Flesh  and the same song is used in the MLG game "Game of the Year 420 Blaze it".
  • This map looks slightly different from the multiplayer counterpart.
    • The difference is that on team fights, there is a group of astreroids floating or one of the teams to spawn on.


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