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The Special Agent is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It is appears to be a reskinned Hitman Pistol.

It has matte black finish on the frame and on the slide, with white grips on the handle.

It also features many attachments, such as an extended magazine with green decals, a black laser sight mounted at the bottom of the weapon, which is emitting a red laser. It also features a mounted red dot sight, and a grey suppressor with green decals.



  • This weapon has deadly damage. It can take people out extremely fast.
  • Use its scope at medium to long range.
  • Use its poison ability to finish off weakened enemies.
  • It is very light. Its 4 weight means that even if you have a deadly melee weapon but not too mobile weapon (like the Combat Yo-Yo or the Core Sword) for going around the map.


  • Use an area damage weapon that confuses the users like the Dark Matter Generator. When blown around the map, it will be hard to aim.
  • Pick off its users from short or long range. Stay out of medium range though.
  • Move around so you will not be hit. This weapon does not have area damage.


Spy themed

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Bring an area damage weapon with you.


  • This is a reskinned version of the Hitman Pistol.
    • Unlike the said weapon, this weapon has poison ability and has 4x magnification instead of 2.

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