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The Spider Boss is the boss in the Swamp level in the Campaign.


It is a larger variation of the Spider. But with larger eyes, and a red symbol on its back which is quite similar to the Spider's. 


It will crawl towards a player, climbing over and around any obstacle in its way. When close enough, it will raise itself slightly, pounce on the player, and inflict damage.

At the beginning, smaller spiders will spawn along with this boss.


After defeating the dragon boss, the dragon brings Newbie and the Female Survivor to a new world and there's a barrier so the dragon cannot get in. When Newbie kills the spider, he finds a key to the Castle.


  • There are also Spiders that spawn along with the Spider Boss, assisting it in the fight with the player.
  • It is the first boss of Crossed World.
  • The boss of the School level rides a spider almost identical to this one.
  • It is unknown why the Spider Boss only has the key around it's neck in the comic, and not in the game when you fight it.