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Squad in Modes, also known as "Party" in Minigames, is an option included in the Map Selection introduced in the 12.1.0 update. It allows players to start a match with 4 other friends. (1 friend only in Duel).


There are many features included, some include:

  • A private lobby, where players are able to access the Armory or chat with other friends.
  • 4 other player slots, where the host is able to invite friends to join their squad.
  • A map selection tab, where the host is able to choose the game mode and the map.
  • A 15-second match countdown, initiated when the host presses 'Start' but not all players pressed the 'Ready' button.


  • All players will be placed on the same team in team-orientated game modes, regardless of level, league, etc.
  • The match made is not private, thus other players can join in mid-match.
  • Players need to reach level 5 in order to unlock this feature.


  • Party servers are similar, but players can only choose Sandbox and Parkour Challenge, without choosing maps, because both of these multiplayer minigames have 1 map each.