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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
Both PG

This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Steam Revolver Up1 (PGW).

The Steam Revolver Up1 is the second version for the Steam Revolver, and is a Backup weapon appended in the 8.0.0 update.


It's a steam punk-style weapon. It's mostly grey, gold and brown.


This weapon has a moderate fire value, critical damage and relatively long range. It starts out with 8/16, and maxed out to 8/32 ammunition, so 40 in total. It features a 4x zoom. This gun takes 2 headshots to kill a player without armor, and 3 bodyshots.


  • This weapon can be a quite effective sniper substitute if used properly
  • Use the scope to prevent recoil


  • Slink behind them then use your melee weapon.



Golden Steam Revolver:

Image Appearance Cost Released League Required
GoldRevolver Everything but the brown handle and the black outline is golden. 80 Coin
or obtained from the Lucky Chest.
11.0.0 0

 Trophy (Wooden  League).


Steampunk themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

This weapon is good in all ranges, except for very long range. This has a 4x scope, but in case if you ran out of ammunition, as this weapon runs out of ammunition relatively quick, alternatively, have a Sniper weapon to take out even longer ranged enemies. Also, have a close ranged area damage weapon for easier and faster killing.


  • It was previously called "Steam Revolver V2".
  • Because this is a reskinned version of the Powerful Gift, it still retains the half-christmas tree below the barrel.
  • Its sound effect modified in the 12.1.0 update.