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The Stinger Up1 is an upgrade to the Stinger added at the 9.4.0 update in iOS, 10.0.0 in other devices. It is located at the Heavy section in the Armory.


It is a green colored launch tube, barrel, and handle. It also has a grey firing mechanism and a green guiding system. It also has yellow stripes on the end of the barrel and launch tube.


It deals massive damage at a decent firing rate. It features a 4x scope and the Stinger Up1 inflicts area damage. It launches rockets that follow the user's crosshairs and the center-dot when aiming down the scope.


  • Aim near the feet for higher chances of hitting. Use at close range.
  • As the missiles target the nearest target. Shoot the nearest target from your location for maximum effect. 


  • Use a long range to pick the user off.
  • If the you are targeted, move away from the rocket and try to steer tightly around objects, this way, there will be a chance for the rocket to hit the object, instead of you.
  • Ambush the user with a powerful weapon to easily pick them off.



Military themed.

Supported Maps

Maps mainly with medium range spots.

Weapon Setups

Bring a Sniper weapon to fend off in long range combat.


  • This was a rentable weapon added in update 9.4.0. alongside the Exterminator.
  • It seems to be a hybrid between the real life FIM-92 Stinger SAM Missile Launcher, and the SMAW Rocket Launcher, due to it having an attachable launch tube in the back.
  • Despite being used to take down aircraft, it is used like a regular missile launcher and targets players instead. (Even more unusual is that in real life, the Stinger would need a heat signature to lock on to an enemy aircraft while the human body's heat would be low enough to allow the missile to just not lock on)
    • Also it holds 6 missiles, even though the real life version only holds 1 missile.
  • It was the first homing weapon in the game.
  • It was not rentable for iOS.