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The Supercharged Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


The Supercharged Rifle is similar to its predecessor, the Electro Blast Rifle. However, the Electro Blast Rifle has an overall yellow-aqua theme, whereas the Supercharged Rifle has a dark blue-red theme. Both feature electrical currents rippling in their muzzles.


This gun has extremely high damage, very high fire rate (For a Sniper weapon), high ammo capacity, and an average mobility. It works oddly like the Eva when it was introduced into the game (However, now the Eva is a 3 shot kill). It is now 1-2 shots kill.


  • This gun has area damage, so you can aim at opponents' feet and inflict heavy damage.
  • Exploit this gun's area damage by using the Singular Grenade to cluster people together and blow up all of them.
  • NEVER try rocket-jumping with this weapon, as you will only kill yourself.
  • Avoid close-range combat with this gun as you may injure yourself.
  • As this gun's mobility isn't that perfect, use a high-speed weapon like the Dark Force Saber Up2 to head from place to place.
  • This gun has high ammo, fast fire rate, so you can kill multiple enemies without reloading.
  • Only reload when you make sure you are absolutely safe, as this gun has a slow reload speed and will render you vulnerable.
  • You can use this in any range, but medium to long range is ideal.
    • In close range, you may kill yourself if an enemy or teammate is standing right in front of you.


  • Move around often and stay airborne. Better still if you use the Stealth Bracelet to conceal yourself.
  • Attack this gun's users when they are reloading.
  • Use a high fire rate explosive weapon like the Adamant Bomber to bomb users around and disorientate them, making them lose their aim.
  • Use a shotgun to finish them at close range.
  • This gun has no Wall-Break attribute, so use this to your advantage and use Wall-Break weapons like the Anti-Champion Rifle to kill them with ease.
    • However, be aware that this weapon still has the area damage attribute. If you happen to be too close to a wall, they could still hit you.


Futuristic themed.

Supported Maps


  • This the second sniper re-skin to have the area damage attribute, the first being Eva.
  • In the earlier updates, it could only 2-shot kill.
    • After 15.1.0, it reverted back to 2 shot kill with a slower fire rate.