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Swamp is the first level in the Crossed Worlds in Campaign mode.


It is a dark swamp situated near a castle. There are some trees and some puddles dotted around the area. The weather is foggy. The large thorns acts as obstacles for players. Where it indefinitely damages one that are still in contact on them. There is also a small volcano.




The Dragon takes Newbie and the Female Survivor to the swamp. The Dragon cannot come with them because the borders that are for the monsters that live in that world, which doesn't allow to enter creatures like the Dragon itself. So, the two walk into the swamp and saw monsters up ahead.

Hidden Coin and Gem

The coin is located at the back of the boathouse.

The gem is located in the bottom of a swamp puddle near the castle wall and force field.


This level is somewhat easy compared to the others. Watch out for the infected swamp nights which sometimes look like part of the map. Shoot the other enemies, especially the peashooters which can be a nuisance.

To defeat the spider boss, simply run away and keep shooting at it. Use a high damage weapon like a sniper weapon if needed.


  • The map is similar to both the Swamp-themed map in the Arena, and Foggy Swamp.
  • Despite needing a key to enter the interior of the castle, the player is still required to enter a portal genereated after killing the boss.