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The Swat Rifle Up2 in use.

The Swat Rifle Up2 is a Primary weapon purchased at the Armory. It is currently the third and final upgrade of the Swat Rifle.


It has a digital blue camo body, stock, suppressor, and barrel. A laser sight under the hand-guard of the gun, however it is useless at the moment. It is a light snow and blue camo with a thin scope.


The Swat Rifle Up2 is a highly mobile automatic rifle. The gun starts off with 40 rounds of ammo and 80 rounds of reserve ammo and can be maxed out to 200 rounds, 240 rounds in total.


  • It is very accurate and thus is good when picking off enemies at long range due to its precision and can eliminate unarmored opponents in a few shots. This advantage can allow you to eliminate even snipers, albeit with only 4X Zoom.
  • This can prove helpful when against an opponents armed with a shotgun.
  • If particularly gifted in the ways of accuracy, the Swat Rifle Up2 can become a fearsome long-range weapon, allowing the user to carry a more situational weapon in the Special slot such as the High Voltage.
  • It is useful for finishing off an enemy doing uncommon moving patterns.
  • This can be a good makeshift sniper weapon due to its scope and high firing rate. It can take out any very mobile distant enemies or beyond that a basic sniper rifle that can take out.
  • It can be used to heavily damage on some heavily armored players or picking weakened enemies off.
  • Because of the little recoil and sound it makes, it is very ideal for assassinating someone in place of a loud sniper rifle.


  • However, it isn't particularly efficient when surrounded, as the low spread will make clearing out all enemies quickly more difficult. Making it a not a good choice for a crowd control.
  • Users can use this as a makeshift sniper weapon due to its scope. So take them out with the same weapon or a reliable sniper weapon to take them out quickly before they can kill or heavily damages you.


N/A (Final Upgrade)


Military themed.


  • This gun is based on the real life French FAMAS F1with an added scope attachment.
  • Unlike the Swat Rifle, the Swat Rifle Up2 has a suppressor, similar to the one that the Swat Rifle Up1 has.
  • It is the most accurate assault rifle when you are hip firing as this weapon has very little recoil or crosshair spread.
  • In update 8.3.0, the Pixel Gun Company buffed it, but made it more expensive.
  • In the 9.3.0 update, the Pixel Gun Company decreased the damage from 17 to 16.
  • The base form and Up1 of this weapon didn't have a scope, but this upgrade has it.