Lethality: 27

Fire Rate: 98

Capacity: 250

Mobility: 100

Cost: 290 Gems (213 Gems if On Sale)


- best DPS primary weapon

- high lethality

- large capacity


- expensive

- poor ammo efficiency

- automatic fire spread

- slow mobility

ive posted this first on the pixel gun 3D forums and i decided to spread this here. anyways, i made this gun to rival and somehow defeat, the Storm Hammer. this is the Secret Forces Minigun. this weapon would break the game immediately, however it will be a conquerer in battle. because of its high lethality and fire rate, the Secret Forces Minigun can pierce through Adamant Armor like it were flesh. its shreds any armor in its path. the only bad thing here is that, you can only carry one drum mag. you will also have a slow mobility. and fire spread meaning that the more you fire the more your shots get inacurrate. the 290 Gems makes up for the power of the weapon. i would say it is a Secret Forces Rifle but SMG style. don't be fooled though, anyone with this weapon would be a terror on the battlefield. theres gallery of the Secret Forces Minigun below.

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