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The Devil is the boss in Hell Castle. It replaced the Demon Boss.


It looks very similar to the demon of a gadget called the Demon Stone. However, it does have a ranged attack. It has 2 white horns, 2 white eyes, 2 black eyebrows, a black and gold pants, 2 black and gold gloves and the overall demon is red.


It will fly towards the player, then it will shoot area-damage fireballs from its right hand. Four Warlocks will follow The Devil.



Damage: 4Heart new

Health: 24Heart new

Speed: Very Fast


Damage: 4Heart new

Health: 28Heart new

Speed: Very Fast


Damage: 4Heart new

Health: 32Heart new

Speed: Very Fast



  • It replaced the Demon Boss as the boss of Hell Castle.
  • There are usually 4 warlocks with the boss.
  • It is one of only four Bosses which can summon other monsters, the others being Dark Eyed Alien (removed), Demon Boss (removed), and Rider.
  • The boss looks very similar to what the player becomes after the use of the Demon Stone.
  • The Devil has a ranged attack, while the gadget, Demon Stone, attacks in very limited ranges.
  • If you kill The Devil,all 4 warlocks will die instantly.

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